Elderberry Tincture


Elderberry Tincture


One of the best known herbal antivirals out there, and delicious to boot!

Extra rad if you combine it with equal parts raw honey and fresh ginger juice (you can get this at any juice place, including Jamba Juice! Just ask for pure ginger juice. They'll do it.) This combo will keep in the fridge indefinitely and will help immensely with colds & flus.

Elderberry has SO MANY USES beyond being a strong antiviral! I'd read about using it in tincture form directly in the ear for an ear infection, and finally had the chance to try it out last week. It worked. Overnight. After two applications.

Next winter when my cedar allergy hits I will definitely be trying this, as I hear it can also work wonders for allergies and hay fever.

Other issues that people have had success using elderberry with include auto-immune, inflammation, infections, vascular issues, exhaustion, and nausea.

Ingredients: Fresh, wildcrafted elderberries & vodka


(Thanks to Kiva Rose for teaching me things I didn't know about this multidimensional plant!)

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