Accessing Your Lineage Phone Consultation


Accessing Your Lineage Phone Consultation


Ancestral remembrance works on two parallel tracks- the practical and the spiritual. Both are equally important for helping to literally recall (picture your summoning voice echoing back through the ages) your heritage and integrate its teachings into your daily life.

The practical is all about the research- how to conduct genealogical research by talking to your relatives, using, tracing your deep ancestry with DNA testing, and/or reading books and articles relevant to what you find. 

The second is the more esoteric (and often more meaningful) path of using ritual, creative expression, dreamwork, and those parts of culture below the level of empire (folk songs, recipes, women's wisdom) to help connect you with your lineage or an individual ancestor.

Our conversation can go in any of these directions. And we can start wherever you're at. This work is vast and the possibilities are infinite. There is no set path.

If you'd like to know more about my approach to ancestry, please check out my blog post The Deepest Magic: To Know Yourself, Know Your Ancestors.

Ancestry work has been one of the most deeply meaningful and nourishing endeavors of my life, and every single person I've ever talked to who has walked this path has said the same.

I've written about my experiences following the call of the ancestors down many roads a number of times, and 2016 was my second year teaching ancestry at the Spirit Weavers Gathering.

When you buy an hour long phone consultation I will follow up with an email to schedule a time. If you'd like to be in touch or ask questions beforehand, go ahead and get in touch here.

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